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QFM Western Roadshow

Event:Magharibi Tour


  • To educate farmers on the upcoming planting seasons (Sponsored by Syngenta)
  • Meet the people via the tour (QFM listeners)
  • To educate & create awareness for Numi Instant Noodles (Sponsored by Kapa)

Coverage:Turbo, Juakali, Nangili, Soy, Matunda, Moi’s Bridge, Cherengany, Kachibora, Endebess, Kitale, Webuye, Malava, Lubao, Kakamega, Khayega, Chavakali, Mumias, Chwele, Bungoma.

Dates:09.03.15 to 15.03.15

Facilitator:QFM FM

The road show was a collaboration between KAPA, Q FM and Syngenta targeting the Western  people as they prepare for the planting season.

Kapa’s objective was to present our latest product Numi instant noodles, as an alternative source of nutrition and sustenance as they await to harvest their produce later on in the year.

The Uptake of the product was high as Numi is not only yummy and nutritious but also quick to prepare and filling.

There was sampling of the product in all the stop over and we believe the Western people enjoyed our Numi instant noodles. This was evident through the sales made.