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Thank You Kapa

We met Daniel Oleronte, a new father of a young family, when we visited Corner Stone Enduata Church in Kajiado. Like most of the families in the area, recurring drought has impoverished Daniel. This year was especially difficult for him and most of the families as they attempted to recover what they lost in the severe drought of 2011.

Hunger is a reality in most parts of Kajiado. That is why when we arrived in Corner Stone Church, in mid-December, the congregation was ecstatic. We had carried along cooking fat and soap, generously donated by you, our partners, Kapa Oil Refineries. Daniel broke into a hopeful smile as we handed him his tabs of cooking fat, and pieces of soap. “My wife will eat better tasting food, and our baby will have soap to bathe. Thank you CMA and Kapa!” he said. Like Daniel, everyone present at the church received the donation with heartfelt gratitude. The gift would definitely ease their domestic expenses.

In Ongata Rongai, some parents who came to receive the donations were moved to tears by the love that CMA and Kapa had showed them. Esther Njoki, an unmarried mother of one, could not hide her joy. “Thank you for the cooking fat and the soap. God bless CMA and Kapa, and their work,” she said with tears of joy streaming down her face. Esther’s son is a standard eight candidate and hopes to join high school in 2013. The family lives in misery as they often go to bed hungry due to lack of employment and rampant poverty in the area.

The joy and happy feelings of love did not escape the deaf community in Ikinu, in the outskirts of Kiambu Town. Hannah Kabui, a widow in her 60s, was delighted to receive the gifts of soap and cooking fat. Hannah was born deaf and has faced stigma and discrimination throughout her life. Your gift to more people like Hannah was touching. They were sincerely moved by your generosity. “It is really nice to know that people we don’t even know, care for us. Thank you Kapa!” said Hannah.

With your generously given gifts of thousands of tubs of Kasuku cooking fat and Jamaa luxury soap, we were able this past December, to warm up the hearts of hundreds of families that live in gloom and hardship in Mitumba, Sinai, Kawangware and Kibagare Slums. They would have otherwise had not a single gift to unwrap during the festive season. With broad smiles on their faces, and a sparkle of hope in their eyes, the families thank you, our partners, Kapa Oil Refineries, for making their Christmas memorable. We at CMA thank you too for your continued support during the Christmas season!