Date Night: What To Wear

Wear my heart on your shoulder, clasp my love on your neck.

Let’s talk date nights.

Ladies and gents, it’s about that time we stepped out in style. How hard can it sometimes be, to get that perfect outfit for a date with your boo? As you look through your wardrobe, you find yourself riddled with all sorts of questions and doubts.

“Babe that just doesn’t work with what I’m wearing tonight.”

“Does this look good on me?”

“Can we just stay home tonight? We’ll go next time.”

We understand that it can feel like rocket science from time to time, and are here to ensure that you get to the stars in style.

Three simple tips and tricks:

  1. Color Code

The simplest way to look as in sync as you both are, is to set a color scheme. White shirt for the main man and white skirt for the pretty lady.

Spice it up even further by complementing each other’s accessories too. (Now, don’t you look good together?) No more doubts.

  1. Pick a theme

There are certain things that every couple agrees on, such as a movie that you both enjoy. Make date night something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, by borrowing (with pride and style), from a power couple in that particular movie or series.

  1. Dare to try

Wear an outfit that you would not normally wear. Matter of fact, pick each other’s outfits. Is she reserved and a tad bit shy? Get her to rock something loud, edgy and as bold as love.

Put a spin on those dates. Keep things electrifying.



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