Get Rid Of The Weekend Bloat

Whoever said calories do not count on the weekend had mastered this thing called life. You work hard all week, follow a more than healthy regimen throughout the week and agreeably, decide to let loose a little over the weekend. This may or may not include a stack of pancakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch, burger for dinner, and dessert on Sunday (after the barbeque of course).

You thoroughly enjoy devouring all these scrumptious meals, but come Monday you’re stuck with an uncomfortable, balloon-like, swollen, bloated belly to show for it.

So, what can you do for some reprieve?

Drink tons of water

If relief is the door, water is the key. Drink the required 2 liters (at least), and the unhealthy foods that you feasted on will be flushed right out.

Fruits and Veggies

Fibre is important, as it helps to move things along. However, be sure to avoid those that bring about gas and bloating including pears, onions and broccoli. Include fruits and vegetables with high water content such as watermelon, grapefruit and cucumbers.


Getting just 30 minutes of cardio can help with the bloat, as exercise helps gas pass through the digestive system. Some of the best exercises you can try are swimming, jogging, cycling or the good ol’ gym.


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