Head, shoulders, knees and toes!

Body aches & their direct link to your emotional state.


Ever though that that wringing headache/migraine may be a result of the stress of day to day life? Get rid of it by taking some time for yourself…yes…the infamous ‘me time’ is exactly what the doctor ordered & not just once, but daily. Relieving the body of any minor/major stress or tension, may help to ease any head pain.


Shoulder pain is a sign that one may be carrying a heavy emotional burden & if Atlas himself shrugged, who are you to continue carrying your respective ‘loads’ all by yourself? Think of ways to solve this emotional problem or share the load with trusted friends or family. A problem shared is a problem half solved.


Knee pain may mean that one thinks too highly of themselves. Get the ego in check by spending some time volunteering & remember that all people are mortal. No one is free of imperfections so don’t be too hard on others. After all, you never know the internal battles we each face when all the noise around us dies down & our own company is the only presence we are left with.


“Walk a mile in one’s shoes” takes on a whole new meaning with the rising cases of this illness called Depression which can show itself through a foot pain. Depression is hard to beat, but there are some things one can do to fight back. Try a new hobby or adopt a pet. Find something that gives joy!

…And you didn’t even need to reach into your medicine cabinet 😉 Of course, if symptoms persist, do seek medical advice.


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