Personal Style: The Basics


Looking good comes down to knowing what works for you, and keeping off what doesn’t. It’s about flaunting your best assets and camouflaging the areas that you do not feel too confident about. Whatever message you want to send to the world, remember that the clothes you wear determine, to a certain extent, the way that message is received. Your style is an extension of your self-expression.

With that in mind, here are three things to consider when it comes to building your wardrobe to fit your personal style.

  1. Complement your body figure

By knowing the shape and proportions of your body, you’ll be in the best position to select the best clothes and accessories to create a balanced silhouette, all while concealing the parts of you that you do not want to accentuate.

  1. Wear the right colours

The right colours are bound to make you look fresh and alert, whereas the wrong ones can make you look pale and tired (and not in a flattering way). Knowing how to mix and match colours can be a great way to match what you’re wearing to your mood, and bring attention to your best assets. Feel free to experiment, and build on the colours that complement your confidence.

  1. Define your personal style

Last but definitely not least, define your own style. Your style helps you connect your dressing with your personality, set yourself apart from the rest and create a signature that people will remember you by. Once you have identified a style, or range of styles that works for you, audit your wardrobe and get rid of what does not fit the bill.

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