Small Home, Big Value

Homes come in different shapes and sizes and sometimes, we may be too quick to judge them by their size. Optimizing a small space while maintaining a homey feel can prove challenging but with a little creativity, you would be surprised at just how much value you can get out of your space.

Here are 5 creative ways to get more out of your small space with regard to both functionality and aesthetics.

  1. Kill multiple birds with one stone

When furnishing, choose items that serve more than one purpose. For instance, if you must have a sofa, go for a sofa-by-day and bed-by-night piece that fills two huge roles at the space of one. A table that can play both a desk and a dining table also fits the bill.

  1. Bigger is better

This may seem odd, but filling a small space with select larger pieces as opposed to an assortment of smaller sized items creates the illusion of a much bigger setting.

  1. Less is always more

There is no greater enemy of a small space than clutter! If you don’t need it, your house doesn’t have room for it. If you already have it, now might be a good time to identify a good charity to donate it to, or a buy and sell forum like Nairobi Expats Marketplace on Facebook where you can sell it and make some extra coins.

  1. Vertical is your friend

In any house, there is often a lot of underappreciated space on top of items. If yours is a small space, you cannot afford to ignore the numerous opportunities for storage space that the areas between the tops of items and the ceiling. Items that are important to have but don’t get used often like suit cases are perfect candidates for such spots.

  1. Hooks are bae

Can it hang? Then, by all means hang it. There is a surprisingly great number of household items that hang on walls and doors, not only saving you valuable real estate, but also offering good aesthetics if done well. Shoe racks and kitchen utensils are great for this.



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