Dressing For A Hangout…In The House!

Let’s talk lounge wear, shall we? First things first, what does lounge wear consists of the clothes we wear when we are hanging out in the house most if not all, day. Maybe you’re working from home or it’s a weekend and you have no plans of leaving the comfort of your home. Most of us treat this section like second class citizens of our wardrobes. However, we spend so much time in lounge wear it only makes sense that we dedicate some time and effort into getting right.



A lot of people choose to hang out at home in jeans. While they may be fairly comfortable and may pass as okay, they are nowhere near the best solution for comfort. When you are spending time sitting on the couch and watching movies, you want non-intruding garments made with fabrics that are easy on your skin, like sweatpants. A pair that has more of a cotton feel and less of spandex.



Just like trousers, what you wear on top needs to stay true to the nature of your homely environment; intimate and cozy. Hitting the sweet spot between large and tight is the key. You want something that isn’t so tight to the point it feels like it’s suffocating you but you also don’t want to be walking around in something that’s too big it feels like you’re wearing a gunia. Stick to t-shirts if you can.



Unless you live at the coast where the intense heat renders your house an oven, sweaters pretty much enhance the homey feel, increase your level of comfort and of course, the level of warmth. You are most likely to feel most cozy in chunky sweaters; some come as a cardigan with either a shawl or mock neck. They are rugged and for the men, make you look more masculine and grown-up than a hoody.

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