Hosting Overnight Guests

Regardless of whether we enjoy it or not, we all find ourselves in situations where we have to host guests for an overnight stay. If we have to, and are going to, we might as well do it well. Show our guests that we put a lot of thought and care into their visit.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for an overnight guest or three.

Where will they sleep?

If you have a guest room or enough rooms to allow you to prep one for your guest, you have a head start. If you could do just one thing, a bouquet of fresh flowers is highly recommended. Nothing says “welcome” like fresh flowers.

Take some time to ensure that everything is in order around the room, including the bed. Have it looking neat, ensuring to include an extra blanket at the foot of the bed if available, just in case your guest gets cold at night. You don’t have to get rid of clothes from the wardrobe if that’s where they stay. Just be sure to arrange them neatly and leave room for your guest’s own stuff.



You can get away with most things except a dirty bathroom. Cleaning a bathroom isn’t that complicated. All you need is a swiss-army knife solution with a detergent like Atilla to clean all your surfaces and ensure that they are not only left clean, but also disinfected and smelling good. Make sure to have your essential supplies like toilet paper, hand soap, bathing soap and toothpaste in handy. Keeping extra toothbrushes in the house is also helpful, as many guests forget to pack one.

Kitchen Area

Many guests may not deliberately venture into the kitchen area but seeing as the world is quickly moving towards open kitchens, they may very well access it one way or another. Besides, depending on the design, kitchens can provide for the best bonding area over a cooking session. Ensure to keep this area clean and tidy before your guests arrive. Dirty dishes in the sink are definitely not a good look.

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