Let’s Talk Meal Prep

Health. The thing that gets us all running to the gym, to yoga, juicing up, going on diets, the list is endless. And I mean, why not? After all, there is no point in attaining wealth in other areas of your life, if don’t have the good health to enjoy them.

Many offices tend to consist of tempting unhealthy foods aplenty: mandazi, samosas, sausages and such. Your hungry, so what are you going to do? Not starve to death, we bet. This is where meal planning comes in; to ensure that you steer away from temptations and stay on track with your dietary needs.

Here are some guidelines on planning your meals:

Planning- Plan your meals for the entire week, guided by your dietary needs. Do your research, and be inspired by all the exciting recipes out on the internet.

Menu – For further clarity, you can churn out a menu guide on the same to ensure that you are switching it up regularly, and not wasting time thinking about what to make, right before you begin cooking. Goes back to proper planning huh?

Shopping –  A menu also allows you time to shop for your ingredients. Most groceries are available at your nearest soko or most supermarkets. Again, you want to ensure cooking time is cooking time; not running around your pantry in a panic time.

Meal preparation – Sunday afternoons work best. No one likes to cook under pressure, and this would also have you begin your week with fresh food.

Package this accordingly in an air tight container. Be sure to get some really good ones that do not leak.

As per your menu, label your meals according to the meal and day.

Refrigerate once the meals have cooled off and consume at your pleasure!


DID YOU KNOW!!! Your diet dictates 80% of your weight loss

and working out is only 20%???

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