Why You Need to Eat Breakfast in Bed

What is the secret to a good day you ask? Why, it’s in the way you start it. A good day indeed, starts in the morning. Naturally, that would mean that a good day starts with a good breakfast, right? For most of us, mornings are infused with pressure and the need to be as productive as possible as soon as our feet hit the ground. That should typically be the case on Monday to Friday. Saturdays should as much as possible, be reserved for relaxation, and breakfast in bed. After all, all work and no play would make you one very stressed out adult!

While you may not always get the time to slowly indulge in a delicious breakfast, these breakfast ideas will have you making a point to indulge every other Saturday morning. A restful, reflective and satisfying morning might after all, be just the cure you need to a long week!

  1. Yoghurt Bowl: Nutritious and flavourful, healthy and colourful; all you need is fruit, a cute bowl and your favourite yoghurt!
  2. Apple cinnamon peanut butter toast: This simple and decadent toast makes for a great Saturday morning breakfast. Apple and peanut butter is after all, such a classic!
  3. Banana pancakes: Pancakes are breakfast gold. The fluffier, the better. A touch of banana and maple syrup, and your good to go.
  4. Scrambled eggs on avocado and toast: You can do no wrong with avocado. This is one of the fastest most delicious breakfast meals. Ever.
  5. Dark chocolate and orange granola: Sliced oranges and dark chocolate pieces add to granola’s goodness!

You deserve to feel special, so dish up one of these, and allow yourself a tranquil, nutritious morning. Ps: Don’t forget to share these mouthwatering recipes with your friends!

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