Fashion Must Haves for Men

“Fashion fades; style is eternal.”-Yves Saint Laurent

Luckily for men, the list of essentials that should make up the wardrobe of a stylish man is not too long. It’s quite short actually. From simple shirts to trench coats to perfectly cut chinos and that one must have suit, we gathered some of our five wardrobe staples that would form a firm foundation for your wardrobe.

  1. Button Down Shirt: A button down shirt can go with just about anything, effortlessly. It can be worn to a fancy dinner, to work, under a crewneck sweatshirt, with a pair of sim fit chinos…the list is endless!
  2. Straight Leg Jeans: Not feeling those skinny jeans? Straight leg pants are the perfect intersection between baggy and skinny. Every lad should own a pair. They are bound to make you look put together, when you’re going for a casual look.
  3. Classic Sweatshirt: The true mark of a classic man is in the way he dresses when he is relaxing. Ditch the promo hoodie you picked up in high school and invest in more crew-neck fitted sweatshirts.
  4. Chelsea boots: Understated and chic, this is the perfect piece to take your wardrobe to the next level, past basic. Best thing? These babies have no laces!
  5. Trench coat: A rainy day should never cramp your style. Stick with neutrals such as navy, black or khaki and you will remain shinning even when the sky isn’t.

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