Habits to Ensure Your House is Always Clean

There is a notion many subscribe to, that as a person you were either born clean and tidy or you were not. It is this notion that drives some to wrongly believe that they are predisposed to untidiness. Nothing can be further from the truth. Keeping a tidy house starts with a few adjustments in behaviour and daily routine. Often, these changes are so small they hardly have any form of negative impact on one’s schedule. Here are a few little things you can do every day to ensure a clean and organized living environment.


Make Your Bed Every Morning

Making your bed in the morning helps start your day on the right track. It only takes a few minutes to do but has a huge impact in making your room look and feel cleaner, encouraging you to keep the rest of your room tidy. You can have the most organized, beautiful bedroom that looks less tidy because of an unmade bed. When the bed is made, it helps the rest of the room look styled, even when it’s not perfect.


Keep Countertops Clear

Countertops tend to be magnets for clutter. Develop a policy for not keeping anything on countertops that doesn’t need to be there. Besides absolute essentials, everything needs to have a place in a drawer or cabinet, making the room much more appealing to the eye.


Clean As You Cook

It is always better to clean while cooking rather than later because more often than not when that later comes, you’re probably not going to feel like it. Your goal while cooking should be to ensure that there is no dead time. While the water is boiling, use that time to clean up so that when you’re done eating, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.


Final Destination

As the name suggests, the final destination habit involves putting items at their final destination when you put them down. Rather than putting an item somewhere only to have to go back and pick it up later, place it in its final place once and for all. So when you get home, instead of putting your coat on the couch, think about it for a second and tell yourself ‘final destination’ and put it back in the closet where it belongs. This small habit can dramatically change your living environment and how you deal with items in the house.


Plan Ahead

You tend to make a mess looking for things in the house when you are running late. Get into the habit of taking a few minutes the night before to plan out what you are going to wear and set it aside so you’re not in a rush trying to look for things in the morning.

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