How well do you know your fruits & veggies?

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Did you know that Bananas…

  • Help to control blood pressure & stress especially on those days Murphy’s Law seems to be the order of the day. If you do not know about Murphy’s Law, now would be a good time to google it 😀
  • Protect your heart thanks to their high potassium content. Consuming bananas can reduce your chances of strokes and heart attacks.
  • Block diarrhea. Potassium to the rescue once again!

Did you know that Cauliflower…

  • Protects against then infamous prostate & breast cancer.
  • Much like milk, strengthens bones.
  • Rich in vitamin K, banishes bruises gradually.

Did you know that Grapefruit…

  • Tag teaming with Carrots, saves eyesight.
  • Being from the citrus family, combats kidney stones.
  • Enhances blood flow thus resulting in great glowing skin.

Did you know that Mushrooms…

  • Tend to control blood pressure. Say bye bye to stress balls, spinners, therapy etc!
  • Increases your vitamin D. Yes, vitamin D! Mushrooms are the only fruit/ vegetable source of this critical vitamin.
  • Can lower your cholesterol.

Did you know that Watermelons…

  • Can aid a great deal in weight loss. Tired of smelly, crowded & overpriced gyms? Stock up on the melons!
  • Consisting of 93% of water, means that you can now kiss dehydration goodbye?
  • Provide a great source of roughage. Their seeds, in particular.

Did you know Pineapples….

  • In conjunction with oranges, can relieve colds as they are rich in vitamin C.
  • Aid digestion & relieves bloating.

Dissolve stubborn warts by patting them down with pineapple juice.

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