Travelling Essentials: What to Pack (Part 2)


The item that most people forget or under carry in this category is shoes! While you shouldn’t pack too many pairs, you want to have shoes suitable for the activities you are likely to get into. Think you might go hiking? Carry a good pair of boots. Think you might take a walk on the beach or tour the coastal palace? Carry a pair of sandals.


“I have my toothbrush, cleanser, soap, floss, I’m done!” Not so fast, friend! What about that hair brush, your shaver, your aftershave, your moisturizer, your deodorant? These are key items you need! Here’s a tip: have a suitable toiletry bag and a checklist at hand that will help you remember to pack all the good stuff!


Ever had a pounding headache with no chemist in sight? Worse still, you run to the hotel manager and the only medicines they have in their first aid kits you are allergic to? You guessed it our next tip! Pack yourself a medicine bag. Something quite small, manageable and easy to move around with. You can pack prescription meds here, some painkillers and stomach tums.


Yay! Finally, the fun stuff.

The list here is endless, but it admittedly depends on what your idea of entertainment is. It could be that book that you can’t put down, or that album you can’t stop listening to, your iPad or tablet, your DSLR camera, or even a sketchpad!

These items, no one has to remind you to pack, but we thought we would mention it anyway.

Ladies and gents, that’s all for today, until next time!

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