Seems like we are never ready for the cold weather yet always for the sunny days. If this is a struggle you can relate to, here are some cold weather must haves to get you armored.

  1. Knee high boots

No one wants to wear doll shoes in the rain, they will get soaked in the water. But knee high boots? Oh so chic and oh so, so warm. Ps: if your feet are warm, the rest of the body will be warm too.

  1. Scarf

A scarf is integral to your wardrobe; it could be wrapped on the neck or draped on your upper body. Whichever of the two works best for you.



  1. Trench coat

Can you even spell fashionable without trench coats? A trench coat can transform a simple look into a classy look, making you look like you are straight out the runway.

Now that we have covered the essential items, how about a few styling tips?

  • Layering is crucialfor staying warm. For example, on top, it’s easy to pile on a cami or tank, a tee, a long-sleeved sweater or shirt, and a coat. On the bottom, layer thick tights or leggings under your pants or jeans.
  • Always keep your hands and feet covered.This means wearing insulated shoes/boots, or putting on multiple pairs of socks (wool is best). Don’t forget warm gloves or mittens!
  • Go for lots of winter accessories. Scarves, hats, knit headbands, earmuffs – whatever is your cuppa tea.
  • When shopping for winter clothes, look for warmer fabricslike wool, fleece, cashmere and flannel.
  • Safety is always more important than fashion. While it is possible to be chic and warm, very low temperatures can be a health hazard, so it’s better to sacrifice your fashion sense temporarily than risk a trip to the hospital. Wear that puff jacket if the temperature calls for it!

There you have it. We just took your Christmas from frosty to toasty. You can thank us later J


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