Dressing for Unpredictable Weather

The weather has playing tricks on us lately. Sometimes it’s all sunny and beautiful and other times its dull and oh so cold.

  1. Layering

Ladies, have that cute maxi dress that has been lying in your closet for years? Throw on a scarf that can double up as a shawl. Gents, throw on that grandpa sweater! Fashion is ever changing and well, these are back now. You can look dapper and still be very warm.

This little trick will save you loads! When the sun goes up, some clothes come off and when the rain pours the go back on.

  1. Put a hat on it

A hat is probably the most versatile item you can have in your wardrobe. Hats can be adorned for any occasion and the beauty is, they are becoming more acceptable in the work environment.

They keep your head warm not to mention, making you look dashing without much effort. If the sun decides to shine, no sunburns nor excess light in your face!

  1. Leather jackets

This right here should be your right hand man in such times. The beauty with leather jackets is that they can be easily carried around. If it gets a bit too hot, you can throw it over your shoulder or arm without it messing your look.


When night comes and the cold creeps in, put it back on and automatically change your outfit from ordinary to edgy (and warm).

Till next time!


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