Make Charcoal Your Friend


Also known as ‘one of the most disregarded products that can be essential in your home’. Not only is it vital to sustain a fire when having that ever anticipated BBQ but in case you never gave it much attention, below is a list of some key benefits of charcoal:

Odor terminator:

  • One of the worst things from a good long run is not only the muscle pain but…wait for it, the bad smell emitting from your punished sneakers. What’s the solution you ask…CHARCOAL! Yes, charcoal! All you need to do is drop some pieces in your shoes and leave it for a couple of minutes. This aids in absorbing that pungent scent.
  • This too can be done to eliminate odors in your fridge, all you need to do is place a piece of charcoal inside your fridge & voila!

Pearly whites:

  • If you want to whiten your teeth, pay no mind to all these quick fix chemicals. Instead, grab yourself some charcoal & make a paste out of it, use your toothbrush to brush your teeth with the paste & in just one week your teeth will be a shade brighter.

Detoxifier & water filtration:

  • Was that Friday night too lit? Chew on some charcoal or better yet make a solution out of it & drink it. This helps in neutralizing that ongoing alcohol party in your tummy!
  • If you feel that your water is contaminated, no need to buy all these fancy over advertised purifiers, all you’ve got to do is drop piece of charcoal into your water container, don’t worry about the discoloration, it’s totally safe. Probably safer than eating KFC chicken!

Healing wounds and absorption of snake poison:

  • Remember that time at band camp when Njoro’s knife cut became so infected you wanted to chop off his whole hand? Thank goodness Ms. Robinson came to the rescue with her big bag of charcoal. She ground it to a pulp and poured it on his wound which in turn absorbed the built up pus and helped the cut heal faster. Same first aid can be applied to snake bites but by all means get the victim to hospital asap.

Stain removal:

  • Yes, you heard right! Say bye bye to those stubborn stains in your kitchen, washroom or tiles by making a thick charcoal solution & scrubbing the headache areas away! Works like magic!

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