Staying Healthy During The Holidays

It’s Christmas! Time to say hello to no diet December, add weight New Years…you know the drill. The holidays can have adverse impact on your physical health, but it does not have to be that way.

Christmas is an incredibly exciting time filled with family, friends, fun and food and we have just the tips to help you enjoy it without it damaging your waistline and all round, health.

Focus on Fun, Not Food

Christmas may not be the same without nyama and chapati, but that does not mean that food has to be the main reason for the season. It also certainly does not mean that five servings should be the order of the day. Eat until you are full, not until all the food is finished…by you. Similarly, eat when you’re hungry, not just because there is food available. Point is, avoid excesses.

Spread Cheer, Not Germs

While we are still on the topic of food, wash your hands before you any and every meal. This is a golden rule that you probably already know because it was constantly instilled in us growing up, but it’s the simple prompts that get lost in the hype, excitement and all the hands you shake over the holidays.

Drink Lots of WATER

Flush out those toxins and boost your energy and immune system all by staying hydrated. If plain old water does not work much for you, turn it into the most delicious (and healthy) drink by infusing lemon, strawberries, apples, cinnamon, oranges…the list of fruits and vegetables is endless.

Don’t Skip Meals

Ever said to yourself before going to an event, “I’m going to starve the whole day so that I can eat at the party”? Don’t do it. Starvation will have you eating everything in sight at the said party. Have something light prior to stepping out, such as natural yoghurt or a salad. That way, you will exercise better portion control at the month’s festivities.

Stay On Track 

Don’t stop working out soon as the calendar strikes December. Staying on track ensures that your health does as well. In fact, if anything, since you will probably be indulging a little more, exercise a little longer and push yourself a little harder.

Remember, balance is key; make merry but stay as healthy as possible too! Happy Holidays!


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