Travel In Style & Comfort (Part 3)

It’s official: we have a travel series! Packed and ready to go. How do we make sure that everything runs smoothly?

Today, we are going to tackle how to travel in style and comfort.

Have you ever been so excited about a trip, but as soon as you got to the station, bus, train or plane you became demotivated? You may even start to rethink your entire trip!

Let’s see how we can change that with a few tips.

Always wear comfortable shoes.

We highly recommend travelling with flat shoes (…ahem ladies). Travelling nowadays has become part of this runaway show where everyone is trying to match up to a certain style prospect. Living for the gram and such, you know.

The things is celebrities who walk down airport aisles have people carrying their luggage and all of that. We however, need to carry our own luggage and that is quite a hard task with heels.  A good pair of flats, be it sneakers or sandals or nice comfy loafers, will save you a lot of hustle as you move around.

Bring something warm with you

You may be going to a very warm place and you are probably wondering why you need extra luggage. However, you need a jacket, a sweater, a sweatshirt or a shawl for the plane, bus or train ride. It can get a bit chilly especially if you are travelling at night and the last thing you want is to catch a cold on/before your vacay.

Carry a snack

You might have had a huge meal before or perhaps anticipate getting a meal when you arrive at your destination but a little snack ain’t never hurt nobody. This is especially if you are travelling by bus or by train.

When you have a long way to go, say 5 or more hours you will definitely get hungry at some point of your voyage. Seeing as it is not a personal car, you might not be able to make as many stop overs as you want. Carrying a few snacks that your stomach can hold on to suddenly seems like a very bright idea, no?

Side note: just don’t take too many fluids, you don’t want to be pressed all the way! Anyone travelling this Christmas? Where to? Tell us in the comment section. Bon voyage and stay safe!


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