January Dress Up

January is here and so are we with ideas on what you can wear as your mind and body make that slow transition from vacay mode to I’ve-got-bills-to-pay mode.

Ladies and gents, it is officially time to let go of the Christmas festivities and trade all the season’s wonderful hashtags as used in our Facebook pictures (#Vacay #HappyHolidays #FamBam #ChristmasHolidays) for the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As in, #backtoreality.

Dressing up for many of us is the one space we can have fun in despite it being a busy month. Our fashion ideas will have January feeling like a breeze rather than the usual 96 days.

Summer Dresses

When merely looking at the sun has you sweating, the last thing you want to live in is heavy materials such as denim. Chic wrap dresses, shirt dresses and kaftans are simple pieces that you can throw on. Simple, but far from basic.







Bright Colours

Bright colours suggest energy and vibrancy. In fact, some say that wearing something brightly colored such as orange or yellow instantly uplifts their mood. Not to mention, bright colours tend to capture people’s attention naturally. So, how about that pink shirt for the presentation next Monday? Yes guys, men wear pink too.


All White

A minimal, monochromatic look that requires no secret trick is a win! Everyone can effortlessly pull it off leaving you looking clean, crisp and confident.


Khaki Pants/Shorts

Mainly for the guys, for a handsome look that’s in between semi-formal and super casual, khaki pants are just the right fit for you this month. Most importantly, they are comfortable hence one less thing to fuss about in this heat.



Simply put, you’re not ready for the January heat until you have fund the right sunglasses! Throw in a fedora hat over the weekend for that extra cool factor.


It’s time to make moves and show this Kenyan sun who is boss as we continue making our dreams happen! One heel, one dress, one khaki trouser at a time!


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