Natural Hair Basics

From detecting scalp drying ingredients on product labels to detangling without pulling out too much hair, there is something new to learn about natural hair care daily! If you are on a natural hair journey or are thinking of making that transition, we have gathered some professional advice that will save you time, money and stress.

  1. Wrapping

If you don’t wrap your hair before you lay your head down, the pillow will absorb the moisture from your hair and come morning, will appear dry. Hence leading you to apply more products and heat in an attempt to banish frizz.


Solution: Wrap your hair in a silk scarf. This will help to ensure that the moisture is retained. You’ll therefore be less likely to have to resort to heated appliances and extra product because your hair will already be beautifully hydrated.

  1. Washing hair in hot water

Piping hot water dries out the hair and strips away moisture.

Solution: Washing tresses in warm water will still cleanse them effectively, and will also help to seal and be much more gentle on the cuticle, resulting in a happier head of hair.

3.      Blow-drying and ironing the hair too frequently

Constant blow-drying and ironing can damage cuticles, split the strands and dry out the hair.

Solution: Rather than blow-drying and tonging, try roller setting instead. As this involves less direct heat being applied to the hair, this option is a kinder way of getting hair smooth.

Hope you have learnt something new that will take your natural hair journey to the next level!






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