New Year, New You

Each New Year feels a lot more like a new beginning for us all. Change is hard for everyone especially when you are trying to develop new habits. Too many resolutions tend to end in failure but our few tips have got the recipe for success: simple to follow through and very actionable.

The plan is to pick and develop one (or more if you so wish) habit every two weeks so that half way through the year, you are a healthier version of yourself.


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

-Nelson Mandela


Develop a mantra and reiterate it to yourself everyday (this is a reminder of your ideal self and what you are aiming to achieve). So…this 2018:

Less Soda, More Water!

Less Alcohol, More Herbal Tea!

Less Driving, More Walking!

Less Worry, More Meditation & Sleep!

Less Anger, More Laughter!

Less Words, More Action!

Less Meat, More Vegetables!

Less Sugar, More Fruits!


Now go kick ass in 2018!



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