Podcasts For Twenty Somethings

Never listened to a podcast in your life but are interested in starting? Love podcasts but need some new ones to listen to?Wherever you fall on this spectrum, we have put together a list of interesting, eye opening podcasts that you should be listening to. They are an amazing way to invest in yourself and make the most out of your twenties.

Did we mention that its completely free? You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

Good Life Project

If you’re all about personal development, this is one podcast that will have you feeling better about the speed bumps you experience along the way. It’s inspiring and also the ideal way to jump-start your morning.You can listen to the podcast here


How I Built This

Being in your twenties sometimes means that you don’t always have a clear mission when it comes to adulating and actualizing all your God given dreams. This podcast provides stories from some of the founders of the biggest companies in the world ad their journeys. It’s encouraging to hear from them and realize that at one point, even they were twenty something and trying to figure life out. You can listen to the podcast here

The Lively Show

This one is made for the ambitious, creative and entrepreneurial millennial like you. Its raw and actionable. Relatable and inspiring.You can listen to the podcast here.

Which podcasts are you loving, if any?


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