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You probably did not expect us, packed with our travel tips and hacks this month, did you?

You have most likely had a pretty good holiday and have travelled to enough destinations over the past month. The festive season has a way of getting out the explorer in all of us.

You may be thinking there are very few ways you could really travel on budget. There is travel fare, accommodation fees, food, site seeing fees, the list is endless! That, and maybe December was enough. However, if the explorer in you is still alive, fret not.

As always, we have got you covered on ideas on how you could travel without the splurge.

  1. Travel with groups

Travelling with organized groups saves you loads of money from travel fare to accommodation fees. You are able to secure rental homes, hostels, cabins, instead of getting a hotel room that will cost you a ton. We are not looking to break any banks, remember? J.

Another cost that you save on is fare. With groups you are able to bargain for lower rates be it by bus, train or flight.

  1. Take free classes and tours while on your trip

You know how you constantly want to see new places and experience the destination you are at to its fullness? You could always sign up for the free tours or free yoga classes. You need to be on the lookout for these and if they are not available, you would be able to bargain for better rates as a group.

  1. Visit each your friends’ upcountry places

You have your squad with you and you more often than not all come from different area codes. This means that you can travel to each other’s homes upcountry. You get free accommodation and free food. You only have to cater for the transport and you are set.

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