Edible Oils
  • Olivia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Inspired by Spanish señoritas, the romance of Southern Spain and the beauty of its orchards, comes Olivia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the single most important ingredient for culinary masters. It's highly regarded by top Chefs because of its premium quality and natural taste.

    Olivia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a monosaturated oil of high nutritional value, attributable to its high value of Oleic acid. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil is recognized for benefits such as cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, joint health, skin and cognitive functions. Extra Virgin Oil is one of the few edible oils that are extracted from a fresh fruit and consumed raw in order to retain all its components and qualities.
    Rina Vegetable Oil
    Rina Vegetable Oil is processed in an extremely modern and technologically advanced refining plant.

    • This double refined pure vegetable palm oil is non-sticky, with a low tendency to smoke and has an extended life.
    • This makes it extremely economical as it can be used over and over again.
    • Ideal for both shallow and deep frying, Rina Vegetable Oil gives your food a superior taste.
    • Derived from palm oil which is rich in Vitamin A, Rina Vegetable Oil is beneficial to the health conscious consumer.
    • Use Rina Vegetable Oil to fry crispy and golden bhajias and crisps.