• Numi Instant Noodles

Cooks in 3 Minutes

Numi Instant Noodles is proudly Kenyan. Manufactured using state of the art technology, Numi is Halal certified and packed under the highest quality standards.
How to cook in the cook in 3 minutes

  • Add Numi Noodles in 500ml of boiling water and simmer for 3 minutes
  • Empty seasoning in a bowl
  • Pour the cooked noodles into the bowl
  • Stir thoroughly, sit back and enjoy.

Did You Know?

Numi Instant Noodles come in a variety of 3 fantastic flavours:

  • Bbq Chicken flavour for the strong ones
  • Piri-Piri¬†Chicken for those who like spicy foods
  • Veg Mchuzi Mix for the veggie lovers

The noodles are easy to cook and can be steamed or deep fried to accompany other dishes.

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