• Cleanrol


We are proud to announce our latest addition to the KAPA family of brands, a new product line of Kitchen Paper Towels.

We are launching with a ‘Cleanrol’, a high quality 2 ply virgin kitchen paper towel made from pure virgin material. This makes it super soft and highly absorbent.

Did You Know?

  • Larger roll – our roll is larger than the rolls in the market giving you better value for money
  • Softer and whiter – we are sourcing high quality paper, which makes our virgin paper products of international standard
  • Strength: keeps on absorbing without disintegrating
  • Scrubbing power – more scrubs just like using a cloth
  • Thirst pockets – We are using high quality thick absorbent paper that ensures more absorption
  • Embossing – High end plate used to create the ultimate feel
  • SKU Available
    • 2 pack x 24 (48pcs)

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